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VR team-based game

The main purpose of the COSMOS is saving yourself from crashed spaceship. Flying in zero gravity, laser power (cooler than superheroes have) and telekinesis — that is only a little part of whole VR opportunities. This game will make you feel new emotions, which you will never meet in ordinary life.

Mind Horror

VR team-based game

This game entertains by puzzles and terrify. Your mission is finding a kidnapped child by solving various puzzles. To complete it you have to face with spiders, piranhas, throw fireballs, fly and dive.

Mind Horror Director's Cut Episode 1. Inception

VR team-based game

A maniac has kidnapped a child. Due to a disease of the mind, the maniac has since gone into a coma. Nobody knows where the child is. Your mission is to find the child by immersing yourself into the maniac’s mind. In the extended edition, there are more locations, more enemies and more puzzles. You will solve three new puzzles, fight ravens, and snakes.

Mind Horror Director's Cut Episode 2. Escape

VR team-based game

Save child’s life! He was kidnapped by maniac. As he has gone into a coma nobody knows where the boy is. In the extended edition, there are more locations, more enemies and more puzzles.

Play squares, fight a giant Kraken, throw fireballs, make other unusual things. You will help your fellow players make it through a huge labyrinth and at some point, the team will fall into a trap: it will be up to you to save your friend’s life.


VR team-based game

Fallen through a rabbit hole, you shall find yourself in a family-friendly fantasy world full of creative puzzles and exciting challenges. Wake up chess with crazy alarm clocks, glaze cakes with tentacles of the octopus, test your fruit cutting skills, but hurry up or you will anger the Duchess!

Dracula: Vampires vs. Zombies

VR team-based game

Dracula: Vampires vs Zombies is a multiplayer action game in VR, inspired by a B-movies genre. Players will be tasked with protecting the world from hordes of undead creatures, using bow and arrows… because bows are cool, that's why! Players will have to do the whole action-hero pack! • Kill hundreds of monsters, coming from all around. • Save the occasional surviving human, that brings them Molotov cocktails and all sorts of other useful goodies. • Patch up their wounded teammates. • And square off, shoulder to shoulder, against the giant uber-zombie.

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Apr 26, 2017

Google Announces New VR Camera

As developers argue, the new Google camera JUMP is lighter and smaller than the previous devices. This novelty is called YI HALO and is based on the action-camera YI Technology, a subsi...

Apr 19, 2017

Facebook Spaces

Social network called “Spaces” launched by Facebook in beta last month, is already available in Oculus store.

Apr 2, 2017

All Vive Trackers have sold out

​The sale started last week and already the HTC Vive sold out of its first initial batch of Trackers created for developers. Despite this, the company is accepting new orders for future...

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