Business question

How to increase revenue and bookings for your game center?

Imagine this situation: you opened your game center which has a stable workload (2-3 sessions per day). Your advertising is going well and your clients come to your center thanks to recommendations. You have reached a limit for your marketing campaign and are interested in knowing how to increase your number of bookings?

Market analytics
As a company with experience running a gaming center (with a total capacity of 70 people all playing at at the same time) we discovered that corporate sessions are a great opportunity to increase bookings and profit.

Playing through escape rooms or a VR game, a customer will offer this leisure as a corporate party to his colleagues. Corporate bookings are more profitable: the cost of the game per person is double that of usual games.

Unfortunately, escape rooms are rarely able to accommodate more than 8-10 people and VR games are designed only for 6 people maximum. But the bigger the company, the more resources it has for organizing events and the more services it can offer. It is always better to use products that are suited to a greater number of people.

The main idea
Such product is the role-playing party game, an intellectual and communicative game for 6+ people where participants use smartphones to receive new tasks. Both of these games bring together friends and colleagues due to the games’ necessity of collaboration. Each player has their own purpose, but to complete their mission they have to communicate with others.

Business planning
The key indicator in this business plan is the number of sessions per day. For instance, the optimal value will be 3 sessions per day. This figure depends largely on marketing.
Also, you will need to determine your cost per session. You can charge per person or per team. The potential cost for a team can reach up to $300.