Mind Horror
Mind Horror
The players’ goal is to save a kidnapped child by immersing themselves into a maniac’s mind. Players will throw fireballs, hack puzzle boxes, swim underwater, fly, and create various items out of thin air.
It's a thrill to see your teammates virtually decked out in spacesuits as you look around!
About the game

This game entertains by puzzles and terrify. Your mission is finding a kidnapped child by solving various puzzles. To complete it you have to face with spiders, piranhas, throw fireballs, fly and dive.

Duration of the game
Quantity of players
2-6 players
Russian, English, Spanish, Catalan, Czech, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese
If you are thinking about buying the game but still have doubts about it, try it. Send a request to do so by clicking the button below to receive the demo version. It is always better to see things for yourself.
Technical requirements
Oculus CV1
HTC Vive
Leap Motion
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Technical support

We provide technical support to receive feedback from our clients, offer consultations and give various tips.

You will have the opportunity to upgrade the game which will come with 2 episodes.
Our clients share their impressions and you can leave your own comments too.
Great virtual reality experience. The interactive team work was amazing! Highly recommend for friends or corporate team building. The staff was so nice and accommodating to our time constraints. Thanks for a memorable experience ExitusvR!
Angelina Marie R
Houston, USA
So fun!!! My first VR experience lfelt like a god creating blocks with my hands. The games were fun, not too difficult. The thrill is the immersion into VR. Thanks for an awesome time!
Stephanie Foley
Seattle, USA
We launched in January 2016. We had all the weekends booked in February. And we hosted 153 game sessions in March. Not the last of it! VR games are the future, and Avatarico will be your guide to it.
Yuri Popov
Barcelona, Spain