The main objective of the game is to save oneself from a crashed spaceship. To complete the mission, players must chat with one another and solve the riddles. Flying in zero gravity, laser power (cooler than superheroes have) and telekinesis — that is only a little part of whole VR opportunities. This game will make you feel new emotions, which you will never meet in ordinary life.
It's a thrill to see your teammates virtually decked out in spacesuits as you look around!
About the game

The main purpose of the COSMOS is saving yourself from crashed spaceship. Flying in zero gravity, laser power (cooler than superheroes have) and telekinesis — that is only a little part of whole VR opportunities. This game will make you feel new emotions, which you will never meet in ordinary life.

Duration of the game
Quantity of players
3-6 players
Russian, English, German, Spanish, Catalan, Greek, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Korean (South), Turkish, Czech, Portuguese, Hungarian, French, Chinese
If you are thinking about buying the game but still have doubts about it, try it. Send a request to do so by clicking the button below to receive the demo version. It is always better to see things for yourself.
Technical requirements
Oculus CV1
HTC Vive
Leap Motion
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Even if you haven’t got any technical skills, you could start running business in VR, AR or mobile sphere.


This kind of business is only developing, so you have a chance to be the first in your city or even country.

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Our clients share their impressions and you can leave your own comments too.
It's unique opportunity to visit the future! Amazing and unforgettable feelings from the VR quest. It was awesome!
Barcelona, Spain
An incredible adventure and just two steps from my place. Im going to come again when there are more quests. Good luck!
Barcelona, Spain
We were really satisfied with the technology and the overall experience we were actually IN space smile emoticon. If you manage, try flying to the spaceship window and take a look at the universe smile emoticon. Will come back for sure for another dose of Escape Reality.
Barcelona, Spain
Awesome experience. We booked a session for a friend's birthday, first time going. Brilliant fun. The staff was very helpful especially with the less experienced gamers. We drove 2 hours and its well worth it. The game is amazing! You're flying in 0 gravity, outer space, blasting robots with a laser. Honestly cannot wait to go back! I'm very excited to see the new additions."
Brian Q, Yelp
Houston, USA
The COSMOS game is a total hit. When I first played it I was so impressed, I immediately knew I had to bring it to my hometown — Sofia, Bulgaria. In the first two weeks since we opened, we have had but positive feedback. People are blown away by the experience. Worth-of-mouth marketing is working very well for us -- everyone who has played is eager to share what an absolutely amazing experience it was, so people post on Facebook and invite friends to try it. As an entrepreneur I am happy to be one of the first in this new market for virtual reality entertainment and I can’t think of a better formula than the one Avatarico came up with.
Orlin Radev
Sofia, Bulgaria