Short 360-degree film nominated for an Oscar
Jan 25, 2017

Short 360-degree film nominated for an Oscar

Pearl became the first VR film nominated for an Oscar. The nomination is in the category "best short animation". This VR short 360-degree film was created in 2016 within the Google Spotlight Story project framework.

Pearl, as it called, tells the story of a father-daughter relationship. Immersed into the film, the audience watches how the characters’ lives have been changing. For 5 minutes they witness various situations.

As it is a 360-degree film, the viewer feels close to main characters, giving them an opportunity to look at the world through their eyes. The film was directed by Patrick Osborne, who was received an "Oscar" for the cartoon "Menu" in 2015.

Pearl was posted with free viewing on Youtube. You can watch it on your browser or on Youtube’s mobile app, however, it is easier to watch through a VR headset.


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