Japanese company presents VR shoes called “Taclim”
Jan 9, 2017

Japanese company presents VR shoes called “Taclim”

This device was shown at the CES 2017 conference by Japanese company Cerevo. The new gadget has a set of motion controllers built into special shoes called “Taclim”.

The main characteristic of these shoes is its physical devices, which are placed in the front (two of them) and in another in the back. This will allow a player to both feel surfaces in virtual reality and distinguish between snow, tree bark, metal, soil, etc. Each of these will create a special effect when walking. Also, a player will be able to act using their feet (kicking objects, for example).

The product will be released in the fall; for the moment it is still in development. “Taclim” will be designed for commercial use. The cost of the controller set will be $1000 – 1500.


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