HTC to invest $10 million into Virtual Reality development
Jan 19, 2017

HTC to invest $10 million into Virtual Reality development

HTC started running a new program to finance prospective developers.

The new program will be called “VR for Impact”. It is intended to demonstrate positive changes that could happen if VR is integrated into everyday life. The program is supported by the United Nations. It is expected that “VR for Impact” will help solve global problems. All works will occur within the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals framework, a program to eradicate poverty, environmental and social problems. Companies and separate developers will be able to get their capital from the General Fund program which is made up of $10 million.

This is not the first initiative of the company with regard to VR. At the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2016 last summer HTC announced their intent to create the Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance, or ‘VRVCA’. This organization bring together more that thirty investment companies wanting to invest in VR startups.


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