AVATARICO released an extended edition of the VR game, ‘MIND HORROR’
Jan 17, 2017

AVATARICO released an extended edition of the VR game, ‘MIND HORROR’

In October, company ‘AVATARICO’ released the VR game, “MIND HORROR”. In January it then released an extended edition of the game divided into two episodes: ‘Episode I. Inception’ and ‘Episode II. Escape’.

A maniac has kidnapped a child. Due to a disease of the mind, the maniac has since gone into a coma. Nobody knows where the child is. Your mission is to find the child by immersing yourself into the maniac’s mind.

In the primary version, you fight predatory fish, shoot fireballs at bats and giant spiders, kill huge tentacle-like things, take a ridе in a mine cart, solve puzzles, fly in the sky and create items out of nothing.

Now, in the extended edition, there are more locations, more enemies and more puzzles. You will solve three new puzzles, fight ravens, snakes and a giant Kraken. You will also help your fellow players make it through a huge labyrinth and at some point, the team will fall into a trap: it will be up to you to save your friend’s life. Julia, one of our customers noted:

“In the extended edition I liked the labyrinth and conveyor belt levels. The labyrinth one because it was challenging, and the conveyor belt one because another player’s life depended on you”.

This is a multiplayer game which can be played by 2-6 people. The success of the mission depends on mutual, team-based effort. Also, the game’s play time is determined by its version. The primary version lasts for one hour, the extended edition — two.

You can find a video of the game by using the following link:


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