Vive could be used without cables
Jan 13, 2017

Vive could be used without cables

Vive’s VR headset could become cordless thanks to TPCast. The price of this module is $250.

This device based on technology using wireless data transfer at 60 GHz. The resolving capacity supports up to 2K. Director of VR in China, Alvin Wang Graylin, noted that upgrading the headset will cause a negligible transmission delay from gadget to glasses, about 2 seconds. Also, the device supports active use of the Vive for an hour and a half.

We note that the device is not an HTC product as is Vive. It was developed during an incubation program. This means that in the future it could be adapted for other VR devices.

The release of the TPCast will be in the second quarter of this year, from April to July.


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