Setup Instructions

Game Installers

Download the Avatarico_MindHorror-Game.exe game installation file from your product list.

Run the installer and follow the instructions. It is not recommended to change the installation path for the files. 

For further updates of the games, download and launch the installer for the latest version. It will automatically replace all the required files to the new one.

By default the game installed on the players’ computers into the catalogue C:\Avatarico\Games\MindHorror.
There must be only Latin letters in the path of the server files.


Settings for the Operator’s Computer


You must make sure that there are no firewalls/antivirus programs running on the operator’s computer, otherwise, open an additional Port 4545.

You must connect a set of headphones and microphone to the computer.

By default the operator's program installed into the catalogue C:\Avatarico\Operators on the operator’s computer.

When setting up the operator’s computer use only latin letters.

Launch the operator program for the game needed, enter your username and password, choose Mind Horror

then go to the Settings page.

On the settings page:

  • set the game’s language;
  • enter the IP address of the Photon server;
  • enter the IP address of the Teamspeak server;
  • enter the local IP address of the computer running the Operator program in the field ‘Operator local address’;;
  • when necessary, change the players’ names font size in the field ‘Player Name Font Size’. The default value is 100;
  • if each player’s computer has its own monitor, you can set the game to display on those monitors by checking off “Mirror to Display”;
  • checkbox "Mute mics on narrator speech" — switches off microphones of players during replica audioguide/maniac in the game;
  • Game volume — changes the volume of the game in generally;
  • Narrator volume level — changes the volume of the audio guide in the game;
  • to finish and save these settings click the ‘Save’ button.

Main window elements:

Licenses — the number of computers at that moment running a game.

Launchers — number of online launchers that are ready to start a game.

Players — number of players that will play in the given session. Their number cannot be more than the number of online launchers.

Group Mode allows you to conduct different game sessions for varying numbers of players, with different games, provided there is at least one Photon server.

For the sake of convenience consider the following example: you have six player computers. To launch two different sessions, you will need an additional laptop or desktop computer that is under the control of a second operator (this computer should be connected to the local network and set up similar to the first computer.)

For example, in one group will be three computers and in another, the other three. As a result, there will be two groups.

In the first group of player launchers, you will need to set a group number (for example, 1).

In the second group of player launchers, you must set a different number group (for example, 2).

Next, on the operators’ computers, launch the operator program. In the field shown, choose the number for group 1, in another, choose the number for group 2. In the ‘Launchers’ field the number of launchers from each group found on the network will appear.

Now to launch the game, all you need to do is click on the ‘Launch’ button on each player’s computer from the two operators’ computers.

Before launching the game you can choose one of the launch modes, Commercial and Test.

The standard mode is “Commercial.” To run tests, quality checks and free games we recommend “Test” mode. It only differs from other modes in that, at the end of the game, player ratings of the game will not be included in the statistics available on the site’s Dashboard. (There you will be able to see unbiased statistics and ratings clients have given for the game.)

Before starting your paid sessions, we recommend running a minimum of 10 test (free) sessions with the maximum number of players.